A big boost from cycling clubs

The local cycling community has shown amazing support for of our plans to build a 1km traffic-free, floodlit cycle circuit in Linlithgow.

West Lothian Clarion Cycling Club have backed the project from the beginning and have contributed almost £13,000 to the campaign. £6,000 is directly from club funds with the remainder from fundraising activities like races, merchandise sales and calendar sales.

We’re overwhelmed by the support that the Clarion has given us: crucially the club stepped in at critical points over the last 6 years, making sure enough funds were available for a business plan and planning application.

Club President Diane Clayton-Chisholm said “West Lothian Clarion are backing this project because it will create more opportunities for people to ride their bikes. It will bring new people into the sport, benefiting local clubs and creating an environment where women and children, especially, can develop their skills and confidence.

The project team are incredibly grateful to the local cycling community who have been so generous with their support, Matthew Ball from the project said “Local cycling clubs have been so encouraging, they can see the benefits their members will get from having this cycle circuit, not just for today but for generations to come.”

The Clarion aren’t the only local club to back the project. Edinburgh RC donated £2,500. Club president Phil Darby said “We want to support more facilities in Scotland to keep up with the number of youngsters and new riders taking up the sport”

Falkirk Junior Bike Club recently donated £1000. Club chair Mark Drackford said “Providing a regular opportunity for our riders to develop their road cycling skills in a safe environment has long been an aspiration of the club, and therefore we are keen to demonstrate our support for the Circuit, ”

Falkirk adult bike club donated £1,000 on behalf of the Tom Anderson Memorial Fund in 2018. The fund was set up in memory of the former captain of Falkirk Bicycle Club.

Livingston Cycling Club and Kinross Cycling Club have each donated £500 and the National Clarion Cycling club have donated a further £1000

Matthew Ball said “I’d like to reach out to other cycling clubs and ask them to donate to this amazing cause. If we want to secure cycling for today’s members and also future generations, we must act now to build a diverse cycling infrastructure.

If your club would like to donate please email our project worker Pamela Barnes on pamela@trust-linlithgow.org.uk

Please make a donation at our Crowdfunder: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/letsbuildit


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