What stuff costs

We’ve pulled together this infographic to give you an idea of what things cost and what your donations will be used for.

Our campaign is raising money to pay for the circuit’s floodlights. They’re an essential part of our planning that will allow folk to use the circuit all year round, in the evening or before work (or school!) in the morning. 

But did you know one light costs £1,185? We need 27 for the perimeter of phase 1, so our £30k #Letsbuildit crowdfunder will be a massive boost with your help.

Here’s a run down of other costs (Can you believe a gate costs £1,000!)

1 metre of kerb £15
1 metre of fencing £31
1 metre² access path £42
1 metre² track £58
1 metre of 6m-wide track £346
1 floodlight £1,185
1 pedestrian gate £1,000 (We need 3 of these)
1 vehicular access gate £1,500 (2 of these)
1 storage unit £2,700

Please make a donation at our Crowdfunder: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/letsbuildit

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