A facility where volunteers can develop and grow #Letsbuildit

The West Lothian Cycle Circuit will be the perfect place to train and develop volunteers says British Cycling Road National Commissaire, Hendrik Nahler.

A closed circuit for bicycle racing creates many opportunities for youths riders to develop their bike riding skills, confidence and race craft. To enable racing, we require officials (commissaires) who equally need to be trained and need to gain experience.

There is no better place than a traffic-free environment such as a closed circuit to learn the key skills of an official particularly in areas such as judging and the monitoring of race development.

My own journey as a commissaire started in 2012 in the North-East of England on the closed circuits in Middlesbrough, Hetton Lyons Park and the Nissan Test Circuit.

It was a great and very valuable training opportunity. The initial qualification as Circuit Commissaire allowed me then to progress to become a Road Regional Commissaire in 2014 here in Scotland.

I and my fellow commissaire colleagues continuously train new commissaires, often starting out on closed circuit events. The opportunity for bicycle racers to have more training and racing opportunities on the West Lothian Cycle Circuit will also create opportunities to further the training of new officials who will support this fabulous sport, on the circuit as well as on the road.

Please make a donation at our Crowdfunder: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/letsbuildit

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