Cycling for the whole community

  • Helping people of all ages and abilities improve their physical and mental health.
  • A safe environment to increase cycling confidence.
  • Creating a more sustainable, healthier, happier and better connected community. 
What is it?
  • A 1km, tarmac traffic-free circuit in Linlithgow.
  • Made up of 4 loops that are fenced and floodlit for year-round use.
  • Open for individual drop in sessions, club use and organised activities.
Our goal
  • Deliver phase 1: £518k has been raised so far. We will work with West Lothian Council to deliver half the project, a working 0.5km, 2 loop circuit. More detail on phase 1 here
  • Phase 2: continue to raise the remaining £396k and hit our total of £914k so that the full 4 loop, 1km circuit can be realised.
  • Our goal is to help create a society where cycling is part of everyday life for everyone.

Three core user groups

Every day cycling

A cycling development officer will work across West Lothian to increase the number of people cycling for enjoyment and travel. The circuit will have a section with road markings for practising road skills.

All-ability cycling

Designed for easy access, the circuit will be suitable for all abilities, including people using adaptive cycles and handcycles.

Sport cycling

Centrally located, it will develop sport and fitness in the region with links to clubs and schools

A facility for the whole community
The circuit’s weekly calendar will have ‘drop-in’ sessions for everyone and organised group activities for cyclists, runners, joggers, nordic skiers and in-line skaters

Location: Xcite Linlithgow

West Lothian Cycle Circuit is based in Linlithgow

Calumn Skinner backs the circuit

We are delighted to have the support of Olympic gold medalist Callum Skinner.

Mark Stewart backs the circuit

We’re really proud to have the backing of Commonwealth Games Champion Mark Stewart.