The cycle circuit will be great for folk wanting to get back on their bike #LetsBuildit

Glen Miller enjoying the Lanes of West Lothian on a group ride
Glenn Miller (right)

Glenn Miller took up cycling again after a long break from riding his bike. He says the West Lothian Cycle Circuit would be the perfect place for folk to get their confidence back and pick up the skills necessary to ride on the road.

“Like most men of my age I had a bike in the garage and thought I could dust it down and use it for short journeys around Linlithgow.

But I struggled to find like minded cyclists at my standard.

I was kindly asked by a group of school mums, who went cycling on a Wednesday, to join them. It took me a good few months to build up my confidence and cycling skills to keep up with them.

The West Lothian Cycle Circuit would be a great asset for us middle aged cyclists who want to get back on the bike. It would be a safe place to gain confidence and improve cycling technique.

Cycling is such a social activity, so having a centre like this would be good for meeting people of a similar ‘back to cycling’ attitude.

I know from personal experience the hardest thing about getting back on the bike is meeting like minded people and having the confidence to get out. I’m sure the cycle circuit would be an ideal hub for all of these.”

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