Not just for cyclists! Why the West Lothian Cycle Circuit will be a great facility for runners #LetsBuildit

Gerry McArdle taking part in the Linlithgow 10K

Local club runner Gerry McArdle explains why the West Lothian Cycle Circuit will be a boost for runners and joggers of all levels.

Having a well-lit, even surface to train on is an attractive proposition for runners. This is especially true during the winter months when we train on the streets: the combination of wet leaves, variable lighting, ‘street furniture’ and tricky kerbstones can lead to trips and falls.

The idea of a safe environment, away from cars, is very appealing.

We also value a training venue that allows repeated efforts over an accurately measured flat distance (our local athletes currently travel to Grangemouth stadium in order to find this).

It’s quite possible that our runners will prefer a facility closer to home that offers this type of environment.

A venue like this will encourage the social side of running, providing a space to gather, meet and chat during a training session.

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