Thank you to The Cycling Podcast and Stacy Snyder

The West Lothian Cycle Circuit has received a donation of $1275 from The Cycling Podcast.

The circuit was chosen as the Podcast’s ‘good cause’ during this year’s Tour de France and benefited from funds raised by the sale of Stacy Snyder’s cups to listeners of the podcast.

Podcast presenter Richard Moore said “We have tried to pick good causes on both sides of the Atlantic, partly because the maker of the beautiful cups, Stacy Snyder, is from Virginia and also because a lot of our listeners are in the US – and a lot of the nominations are for good causes in the US.”

“The West Lothian Cycle Circuit appealed to us for lots of reasons. A big one is that it will help young cyclists, but it’s also in a part of the world that I know well, having grown up on the western side of Edinburgh and done most of my training as a young cyclist on the roads of West Lothian.”

“For a couple of years, before becoming a journalist, I also worked as an administrator and fundraiser for the West Lothian Youth Theatre, an incredible organisation that ran workshops and projects throughout the area. I also served on the board after stopping working there. Through that, I got to know the place and also the people, especially the young people.”

Linlithgow Community Development Trust Board member Matthew Ball said “It was so exciting to hear the circuit discussed on the podcast, listened to by a global audience. We are so grateful to the Cycling Podcast for selection our project and to Stacy Snyder for making and selling her beautiful cups which were inspired by the Tour de France.”

Stacy Snyder said “I love everything about the project especially the objective of creating a more sustainable, healthier, happier and better connected community. I hope these funds will get the project one step closer to reaching your goal.”

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