Circuit an ‘amazing opportunity’ for triathletes #Letsbuildit

West Lothian Tri members

The West Lothian Cycle Circuit will be great for triathletes too

Cycling and running are activities that will benefit from access to the cycle circuit for coaching, training and events.

But what if you put the two activities together and make use of the swimming pool that already exists at Xcite?

Triathletes will be a group keen to use the the circuit says Andrew Fish, head coach of West Lothian Triathlon “The circuit is an amazing opportunity, as a club we would be keen to use the venue to develop bike skills and to run faster paced training and chain gang sessions.”

“If we can make use of the pool, the facilities will be perfect for transition practice (swim to bike and bike to run) and coaching could incorporate group riding skills, drafting and developing cornering and braking skills for beginners and youths.”

“There is also the potential to run triathlon events at the site along with time trials and bunch races.”

“The circuit will help bring the enjoyment of cycling and triathlon to a wider community, utilising a safe environment to learn and understand all aspects of cycling.”

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